Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What Hausman productions offers ...

Hausman productions creates for entertainment endeavors the following services:

1 - Artist representation
2 - Booking & tour agency
3 - Creative consulting
4 - On-site promotion campaigns
5 - Viral broadcasts
6 - VOD/CD/DVD/Blue-ray marketing plan & reviews
7 - Music conferences or festivals

⌂ Plus, if you like to communicate and prefer video as your medium please forward your e-mail to:
AvdSanden @

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let us tell you about our experience !

Hausman productions is an experienced video production company with a professional back-up team to create web videos, corporate videos, promotional videos or broadcast content that not only pleases you but the crowds as well:

○ Hausman‘s video services provide you with a complete video package solution for medium businesses as well as for professional broadcasts
○ We at Hausman offer a wide range of video production services and provide complete video solutions by creating online video, corporate videos, event videos or promotional videos
○ We also support 3rd party projects with dedicated key video production services, which give these projects the ability to hire experienced and qualified camera crews and sound recordists, motion graphic animators or editors

Friday, November 14, 2014

Are you entertainment professional ? Here's what we offer !

 We at Hausman productions like to get in touch with entertainment professionals:
• artists
• musicians
• TV & film producers
• casting agents
• moderators
* fashion designers
• organizers of festivals & events
• music & video publishers
• sponsorfinders

* Hausman productions presents a 1 stop source for your multimedia platform projects, especially film, tv or music oriented !

* Hausman productions wants to help out motivated people who possess that creative vision or action plan, but lack those resources to bring their idea to the markets ...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Services we at Hausman deliver plus video !

Hausman productions is a Communications & PR boutique agency that many years ago has expanded its businesses outside the Dutch borders.

Relationships were established with media partners in Germany and likewise with partners in Spain and Italy.

A few examples of the services of Hausman are:
* identity building & identity maintenance,
* choice of repertory for musicians,
* personal career coaching for actresses & actors,
* mediation in special bookings and Tv broadcasts,
* music, dance & theatre tours,
* advice and consult for various entertainment contracts

PITCH: So, you've that concept for a vid or short movie in mind, why not let Hausman do the creative work? You'll certainly enjoy the final result ;-))

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hausman productions Tv Channel is on air now ...!

Introducing to you: Hausman productions Tv Channel - The Netherlands

  1. We at Hausman productions (Hp) are proud to introduce to you our own Tv channel on the Vimeo platform. Since we are a Communications & PR boutique agency, we'd pretty much like this idea of showing our production stuff by one dedicated Tv channel 24/7
  2. And now - as a matter of fact - we're able to do a little more marketing with the Hausman agency as the ultimate subject or tool for personal Tv branding   
  3. So click on this web link to get a look-see and your chance to just find out what we're all talking about ;-)

Thank you ! ⌂ HAUSMAN productions, Saturday, September 7 - 2014.

Friday, July 11, 2014

What Hausman can do for you in Hamburg, Germany ...!

- When in Hamburg, what kind of support can you offer those video and film makers ?

We at Hausman productions are able to provide you with all kinds of technical support, plus we may assist you in the choice of various (industrial, touristic, monumental) locations in Hamburg for your professional video or film shoot and we may deliver you additional B-2-B congress services as well: 

- hotel booking, plus top class restaurant reservations
- transfer from airport to hotel to fair and vice versa, add thereby
- limousine services with driver
- business travel packages, including boat trip in Hamburg harbour with partners or business relations
- hostess/guide at business events or fairs & translations Croatian-German-English-French
- back-office support, including telephone help desk during office hours
Please forward your e-mail to: AvdSanden @

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How we at Hausman deal with infomercials ...!

- Lately Hausman productions moved into infomercials for TV with these topics: Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion - Music - Gastronomy Cooking - Fine Wine - Traveling. For any particular reason ?

- O.K., as an example: This young fashion designer wants to widen her clientèle, but is afraid of losing her grip on her niche marketing policy. With the assistance of Hausman she’s able to get a strong foothold in her fashion segment, for Hausman could offer her an online presence through in-depth product stories that is based on a special TV format: the infomercial. This way our young designer provides communication of which she believes it creates a better image of her brand and it helps building a stronger bond with her customers. And by doing so she commercially grows and becomes a better niche player …

P i t c h :
In-depth advice, consult and mediation for artists & musicians, actresses & actors, and other entertainment specialists as TV producers, casting agents or event owners. Yes, we also offer independent music & HD video services.